About Epic

"If Shaun was my Trainer when I was riding I would have been untouchable and National Champion 10years in a row"


Anthony Yewers,

2007 - Australian National Pro ATV Champion

2009 - 1st place Vets National MXATV Champion

Shaun Baxter founded Epic Lifestyle in 2011. Working out of his backyard shed with a Concept 2 Rower, a chin up bar and some kettlebells, he invited some motocross riders to train with him to show them the potential of training in a gym performing workouts specific to the rigors that riding a motorbike has on the body. The results? See below.

In 2013 Shaun extended his program to providing short 6 week Training MX Boot Camps, 1 Day Fitness Workshops and to eventually working with over 30 motocross riders in WA. Shaun's clientele base extended to Enduro riders, Downhill Mountain Bike riders, Sprintcar Drivers, Speedway Bike riders and Freestyle MX riders. Epic Lifestyle had become the Sports Performance program for many Local, State, National and World Champion Athletes.

The Motocross riders performance continued into 2013...

In 2014 Shaun worked with Josh Sheehan who became World Champion in the Red Bull Freestyle MX Competition. 2014 was also capped off with a lot more Motocross riders seeing the results from training at Epic with Shaun.

Find Out How You Too Can Now Enjoy Your Time On The Bike With Even Greater and More Consistent Results!

  • Stop Arm Pump from setting in and restricting your riding performance
  • Come into the corners with more speed knowing you're stronger and fitter
  • Have more confidence exiting corners with more speed
  • Stop riders passing you late in motos you know you're faster than

At Epic Lifestyle everything is about performance in your training. On the bike crashes and mistakes often happen due to incorrect body positioning, fatigue, mental alertness, breathing irregularly, lack of strength and fitness. Shaun teaches every aspect of what you will experience on the bike in the gym.

A program never seen before!

Racing in Pro Vets I needed that edge over other riders. I’ve tried loads of Fitness programs but nothing like what Shaun has given me. I am the fittest I have ever been and without doubt I have his Training Program to thank for my Pro Veteran Championship I won in 2014.

On my Motocross bike I'm able to do lap after lap and my times don’t fluctuate like they used to.

At age 39 I’m still able to ride in the Pro Class and be pretty competitive and I don’t think that would be possible without Shaun

Scott Perticevich, 2014 - 1st Place Pro Veterans WA Motocross